A fun short full of energy. We are happy to present this film musical parody by directors Maan B. & Talha B.

“Directing his own film is a dream come true for the soon to be film school graduate Tommy, until equipment failure, difficult actors and set drama threaten to make it a nightmare.
Film School Musical is a comedy that features parodies of songs from classical musicals we all grew up with. It’s filled with little winks and nods to industry insiders.
Enjoy the short!”

Directed by Maan B. & Talha B.
Screenplay by Dominique K. Pierce
Story by Maan B. , Talha B. and Dominique K. Pierce
Produced by Carolina Sandoval
Director of Photography Vlad Akushevich
Production Design Jeremy Pelsinski
Visual Effects Mohammd J Basri
First Assistant Director Kyle Pavlin
Casting Director Will Ontiveros


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