Have a look at Mackevision’s impressive breakdown on shots they provided for Game of Thrones, Episode 4, proving, sadly, that Westeros is not a real place.

Mackevision was founded in Stuttgart, Germany, in 1994 and today employs 300 people working in their offices in Stuttgart, Hamburg, Munich, Detroit, wholesale nba jerseys Los Angeles and Shanghai.

The reel finds its way online just as it has wholesale jerseys China been announce that wholesale nba jerseys Mackevision has been nominated forĀ  an Emmy in Important the category “Outstanding Party Special Visual Effects” for its contributions to Game of Thrones Episode cheap jerseys 4.

Check out the reel in the header.

More about Mackevision
Mackevision Medien Design GmbH is one of the global leaders in computer generated imagery (CGI) which covers 3D visualization, animation and visual effects. The company designs Nasehat and produces image and film material, as well as interactive applications in high-end quality. It develops technological solutions for generating images and looks after the entire CGI process from data preparation to creative design. Read more

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